Outside Ideas

We are women. We are concerned with our health, our relationships, and our well-being. We are concerned about those around us, be it our partners, spouses, children, or friends. We want to reduce stress and our exposure to toxins. We want to increase our happiness, our sense of fulfillment, and our health. These are broad, sweeping statements, I know. But generally speaking, this is what women want.

A very simple way to accomplish all of these things?

Get outside!

No, I’m not kidding.

Going outside doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be a refreshing experience that improves your health and brightens your mood.  It gives you time to connect with the world, catch up with your friends, and maybe even think of creative solutions to improve your career.

10 Outdoor Activities:

1. Hiking

2. Walk in your local park

3. Boating/Canoeing

4. Biking

5. Family Picnic

6. Festivals (Spring, Summer, and Fall)

7. Gardening

8. Swimming

9. Geocaching

10.Outdoor Sports Clubs


And if you’re looking for a departure from the same old, same old…

10 Outdoor Activities you may not have thought of, probably think you can’t do, but should at least TRY:

1. Trail running

2. Cleaning up your local community

3. Learning to sail a catamaran

4. Mountain biking

5. Throwing a gourmet picnic party with friends and neighbors

6. Bluegrass Music Festivals (Spring, Summer, and Fall)

7. Volunteering at the Audubon

8. Surfing

9. Geocaching (okay, I haven’t done that yet either!) (link back to article)

10.Start your own outdoor Meetup

So open the door, feel that warm sunshine, and get outside!

by Caroline Johnson


Now will someone please push me out the door?!