Alexandra Meehan: Just Another Burgundy Girl

What is the first thing Alexandra Meehan does in the morning?  Peer thru the window shades, then feed my dog Pekoe.
Title of her autobiography?  “Dessous” (french adverb meaning “below or beneath”)

they danced the ballet of
crashing waves,
where densely
fades the blues into grays, shades
by sea-foam lace, soft and gracefully
coats their satin face;
and then they sink;
and the coral sways, the
sands interlace
the land and space
in between;
the pull of the cobalt cave,
the liquid grave,
of the oceans
engulfing wade, grows
the salted cascade under
sun lit rays; rainbows
in the misted gaze of
fallen mermaids

Last moment of bravery?  Scaring off two men who were trailing me as I walked home (I showed them the knife I was carrying and my can of MACE).
Wants to… ?  Meander the world eating cheese, drinking wine and performing poetry.

What makes you a Burgundy Girl?

I don’t subscribe to cliche thought nor do I trot where others tread.  I am content in the uncertainty of the inevitable, which we call “life”.