Marti Wormuth: Just Another Burgundy Girl

What is the first thing Marti Wormuth does in the morning?   I check my texts, call a dear friend to say good morning, check Facebook and email, make a to-do list, and go about my day. I’m a pretty simple gal. 

Title of her autobiography?  Never Quit: Tales of a Resilient Warrior”

Last moment of bravery?  As someone who suffers from social anxiety and a panic disorder, a moment of bravery could be that I didn’t call off my part-time job this week. But, my mom passed away in 2010 from cancer, just 16 months after my grandmother died from it too. Those were the hardest two years of my life – but I just kept going, leaning on my faith, my friends and my loved ones to move forward in my life. 

Wants to…?  Open a game store.  Start a non-profit that focuses on mentoring teenage girls.  Be a full-time freelancer.  Travel around the country.  Publish a book.  Get my doctorate.  Change the world.  I think I’m done? That’s good enough for now!

What makes you a Burgundy Girl?

My personal view on my faith.  I live how I feel I’m called to, I think how I know I’m called to, and I tell people how it is.


Something you’d like to share?   This woman is from my hometown, and holy crap. You don’t mess with a mom’s love.

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