Burgundy Girl Challenge: No Overzealous Technology

Get back to being fully human with hands to illustrate with, a mouth to speak with and eyes to connect with.

I challenge every woman to turn off – yes, OFF – your social networks and overzealous technology for one week. Dust off a notepad and scribble a tally for each jilted temptation you experience to “cheat.” You’ll probably find out how addicted you are.

What’s left is TIME.  DO something with it.

  • Plant a seed.  (it can be a flower or an idea in someone’s mind)
  • Write poetry. (and don’t try to make a to-do list rhyme)
  • Get physical. (if you know what I mean)
  • Read a book! Not an “E-book,” but one made from trees. (I know that’s politically incorrect – but note, I didn’t say buy one.  Just read one.)
  • Throw a party where half the people you don’t know. (choose a phone call over Evite)
  • Walk around and take in the surroundings free from the obsession over your friends’ status updates.


Any other crazy ideas?