Dreaming About Chocolate

Right now I bet you want 3 things; a better body, a piece of chocolate, and more sleep (in that order!). These desires may seem to conflict with each other when, in fact, they’re all closely related:

If you had gone to bed early last night…

you would have the energy to exercise…

so you could have that chunk of chocolate… guilt-free.

(in that order!)

Realistically, we all have goals.  Quite a few of us are trying to lose a few pounds. Perhaps it’ll make us feel better, or give us some elusive quality we feel we lack. We aim to get to sleep by 10pm, stay up til 1am, fall into an exhausted comma for 6 hours before waking up to do it all over again.  We beat ourselves up for not having achieved these goals and deny ourselves the magic nectar of chocolate.

Sounds terrible, right?

Why do we do it? Why can’t you have it all? Sleep, health, pleasure – all guilt-free?

Well, I think you can.

First, scream back at the world, and tell it to #$%@# off!

Next, calmly, list your priorities. (and if you’re health isn’t #1, start over.)


Set a sleep schedule with this handy calculator. Don’t’ worry. If there are things you haven’t finished, they’ll still be there in the morning. You need to feel your best in order to be at your best. Sleep is the answer.

A better body…

Pay attention to your diet.  Not only the foods you eat, but the calories too.  Do the math even though you don’t want to.  You can lose weight and not give up a single food you love. If nothing else, just cut back on portion sizes and drink more water than you think your body can hold. And remember that if you do overindulge, the world really isn’t going to end.


There is much debate about the health benefits of chocolate.  Do you think it should matter? Chocolate is an attitude.  A state of mind.  So I say, eat that piece of chocolate.  But only one.  And in the morning.  Savor it.  Let it work it’s magic.  Then no more until tomorrow.

Being healthy isn’t just a schedule of sleep, fitness and periodic pleasures.  It’s having a sincere respect for yourself and what you love, and doing what you need to do to feel as if you have it all!

 by Kristie Mansbridge


I encourage every woman to spend as much money on chocolate as they do on lattes!  Take your monthly latte budget and go buy two of these!

Think in all flavors of chocolate,