For Passion’s Sake

We live in an era where creative outlets involve snapping pictures with Iphones, editing them with Instagram and posting on Facebook for all to see. Technology has created a generation of young, computer-savvy women sitting dormant in our apartments and houses, “liking” posts and “checking in” as they go about at a supercharged speed.

Indeed, the woman of “today” is modern and technological- well versed in social network etiquette and proficient in updating her representative posts.  As industries shift to a more computerized job-margin, many divine aspects of our “hands on” lifestyle are rapidly diminishing. Ultimately, the current lack of tactile stimulation is negatively effecting women’s overall prosperity. Depression rates among young women are alarming, and we are left to wonder what’s missing in their supercharged life?  Hmmm.  Let’s see…

wake up

check cell phone

have coffee

check Facebook

get ready for work

check email (screw breakfast!)

drive to work

glance down to check cell phone in transit for “updates”

get to work

text your partner

upload a status on twitter

get off work

check cell phone and do status update

call your friend back

head to the store

pull up your shopping list on your phone

buy food (urgh! you forgot your totes again!)

drive home

pull over to text your partner on the drive

get home

check updates

watch youtube videos

putz around the web

relax; the left-side of the brain has been drained

eat dinner (post photo of your food on facebook)

sort your affairs

check status updates

set an alarm on your cellphone

go to sleep

wake back up because someone’s texted you

reply and go back to bed

wake up


Many women feel a lack of connection with the real world. I feel a sense of loss even though I am one of them. What happened to looking up and taking in your surroundings? What happened to the handshake?  What happened to the phone call? The “swing-by”?  And where the hell is the eye contact?!

This modernization has morphed us into zombies “feeding” on social interactions via expansive networks yet somehow feeling uncomfortable saying “hello”. Our lively passions have been vacuumed from our souls and hurled into the black hole of our own prevailing technology. Yet, in the spirit of progression, we as women have obtained the rights to express ourselves however we please.

And so I write, for passion’s sake.

by Alexandra Meehan


Supercharge your life with passion, Burgundy Girl.