Frowning on Rebounding

We’ve all been there – bored and lonely, thinking back at the warm body that would peacefully sleep beside us. Breakups are never easy; in fact, they’re among one of the hardest endeavors we face. After a breakup, we find ourselves confused and attention-starved. We begin envying our friends in prospering relationships; we let our minds wander into crevices that we can’t seem to dig ourselves out of. Food becomes tasteless and we just can’t seem to “shake that feeling.”

As our friends are pals indeed, they pick us “up” and take us “out.” Bar-hopping and clubbing become all the fascination as we long to get dolled up.  We meet the first attractive, charming “flavor” and solidify it as a new relationship, sometimes within weeks of a breakup. Retrospectively, as you can imagine, our actions lead to worse problems.

Maybe it’s time to step back and analyze the decisions that we make.

Basically, rebounding is just a bad idea.


Resist the rebound in the name of all women.

Be stronger than your insecurities.

Get your affairs in order.

Have fun with our new-found independence.


And if you’re convinced there aren’t many fish in the sea, remember… we have our whole life to fish.

by Alexandra Meehan



Personally, I’m done looking.  He’s just going to have to find me!