Hello Burgundy Girl! Welcome!

Are you a Burgundy Girl?

From one Burgundy Girl to another… I stare at the blank paper in front of me… (Yes, I still write on paper despite wanting to be paperless.  It’s how my brain has always worked – visually.)

Ideas have been spread all over the floor of my mind,  taking up space for years… unvarnished thoughts, life lessons, issues that keep me up at night, what I want for myself, my daughter and all women, and the women who inspire me to do better.  Now all over the floor of my living room, I knew these ideas had a chance at life.  As I prepared for the labor pains of doubt, fear, challenge and delay… shuffling papers, rewriting articles,  pacing the floor, suddenly, I had an epiphany…

Before she was even born, Burgundy Girl began to work her magic:  connecting women and broadcasting their efforts, using real stories and real pictures of real woman from all walks of life because after all, every girl is a Burgundy Girl! We believe that every girl is on her own path, equipped with her own inspiring thoughts, unique ideas, and interesting stories and interests to share. We hope  to get to know the Burgundy Girl within you!

And so, I would like to introduce & thank the Burgundy Girls

who have helped me launch this effort:

Alexandra MeehanAlysa SalzbergCaroline JohnsonCathy EnglandEmily Cameron,  Emma Lamson EdirisingheJulia IngallsJanice Lee SmithKristie MansbridgeMansi NarangMarti WormuthMary FrederickMegan GlennRehana MithwaniSarah ShoenSandie LeeTeri Hartman,  Lassen Ando, and Cynthia Hovey.


 Hello Burgundy Girls!  It’s about time!

We welcome you with open minds and open hearts and hope you enjoy our stories about empowerment, loss, love, work, friendships, dating, adventures, family, philanthropy, beauty, motherhood, and the day-to-day challenges that come from dealing with all that is listed above from inspirational women from across the globe starting with the girl next door.  

This blog is dedicated to mothers who encourage their daughters to think in all shades of pink.

With love,

Andrea Ando, Founder and just another Burgundy Girl