Salute to Daddies: Raising A Burgundy Girl

I salute daddies on Father’s Day and remind them – remind us all – of the critical role daddies play in raising a Burgundy Girl.  I use the word daddy because we have all heard the saying that any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.  Men, you may have no idea of the power that you wield in raising a strong, bold, independent girl.  A girl needs their dad and their mom alike, but their dad adds something special to the equation.  The valuable lessons that a dad can teach their daughter are ones that only a man can address.

As daddies, your involvement is critical from the start

It is important to form your own relationship with your girl.  Do not be intimidated.  Girls are really not too hard to figure out.  Your daughter, step-daughter, granddaughter, or goddaughter is not a mystery.  She is a little person looking for your wise guidance.  It is guidance that only you can give.  The daddy-daughter relationship is unique.  This special girl in your life will even help build who you become.  Freaked out yet?  Don’t be; you’ll know exactly the right thing to do.

Make time for your girl. Just the two of you.  It does not have to be anything fancy.  Even weekly cuddle time on the couch will do.  Do not let anything interfere.  This should be sacred time.  Girls need special time with the influential men in their lives.  With any luck, this can become a tradition that carries into the teen, maybe even the adult years.  Make no mistake, your Burgundy Girl will continue to need your influence throughout her life.

Take it as your noble right to compliment her. Build her confidence at every opportunity.  This will largely be built on your mere presence in her life and sincere interest in her.  She will learn from you how to value herself in her interactions with others, and carry this with her to her relationships with all men.  Your influence will shape not just her friendships and romantic relationships, but her ability to communicate and operate effectively in a sometimes male-dominated workplace.

Intuitively, we know that the more loving people a girl has in her life, the better her chances are of becoming a healthy, confident woman.  There is much information about the importance of fathers, certainly too much to list here.  But visit Dad’s World for some statistics that may blow your mind.

Don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen this wonderful human being.  She is worth knowing.

by Cathy England


No pressure, daddies!