The Luxuries You Can’t Afford Not To Buy

You might think that you have “champagne taste on a beer budget”, but there are simply some things you can’t afford that you can’t afford not to have.  These are the “luxuries” that you shouldn’t skimp on:


The first thing that you need to invest some of your hard earned money on is a little bit of time. Yes that’s right, time.   Time for yourself… away from the kids, the husband, the job, and all of life’s little responsibilities that you have. The point is that to be at your best you need to splurge on the things that make you happy—and you at least need a little time so you can figure that out!


Invest in your health.  Get good insurance (and use it!).  Hire a personal trainer.  Work with a dietician if you need to lose weight.  Keep yourself healthy. Without your health, you are no good to anyone including yourself!


Let’s get this straight.  Travel is NOT a luxury.  A sabbatical across the world, a simple overnight trip, a good book that whisks you away.  A little distance can go a long way. Think of the amount of stress that you manage on a daily basis.  Now think of how nice it would be to recharge.  Get travel on the calendar.  Get away from it all, meet new people and see the world.

Investing in yourself ISN’T a luxury, and we CAN afford it. It’s just re-prioritizing.

A happy, healthy woman makes the world a happier place!

by Mary Frederick


Unfortunately, water is a luxury for many women and girls.